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Automated In-Line CCD Inspection Machine for Metal & Plastic Components

Automated In-Line CCD Inspection Machine for Metal & Plastic Components
  1. Introduction & Description

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A Full-Custom CCD Inspection Checking Machine will be designed and introduced to carry out automatic feeding, sequencing, loading, CCD camera inspection and check, NG & OK sorting. Designed with automated vibrating feeder bowl for component loading and handling system to load components onto inspection station for CCD inspection. After inspection, relevant mechanism will sort NG from OK components. 

Machine Advantages3.png

Low Inspection Missing and Improve Quality Checking Speed;

Highly Performed With Accurate Sorting To Avoid Wrong Sorting;

Continuous Working Mode With Low Troubleshoots:

Non-Contact Measurement To Protect Components;

Available For Test Report Output & Data Storage For Future Tracking

Achievement Of Machine Vision-Based Industrial Component Inspection: 

■ Parts/Components Be Placed Onto Conveying Belt Driven By Stepping Motor To Be DeliveredTo Inspection Workstation Under CCD Camera; 

■ Trigger Exposure of Industrial CCD Camera To Acquire Component Images; 

■ To Signal Images To Computer; 

■ Computer Implements Front Stage Processing Such As Filtering etc: 

■ Select Area That Needs Inspecting, And Position Sub-Pixel For That Area, And Search The Edges of That Area To Complete The Length Measurement Between Edges; 

■ Introduced With Automated Approaches To Find Angle of Target Images And To Compare With Setting Pattern And Also To Complete Measurement For Angle Value; 

■ In Accordance With Actual Technical Requirement & Setting Value To Determine Component OK or NG.

 ■ Sort NG & OK Component By Air Blowing Method Or Other Pick-Place Mechanism.



Overall Dimension: 1580×1000×1800 mm

Gross Weight: Approx. 300kg

Inspection Speed: Approx. 250-300 pcs/min. Power Input: 220V, 50/60 Hz

Air Supply: 0.5Mpa-0.8 Mpa.


Assembly Machine

Assembly Machine