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Single Sliding Table Molding Injection Machine

Single Sliding Table Molding Injection Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

Single Sliding Table Injection Machine

Molding Injection Machine Features:

1.This molding injection machine is designed with direct-pressed clamping mechanism with quick mold-closing and low-pressure molding clamping system that to ensure plastic mould in safe condition while to achieve quick injection process and to improve injection production rate;

2. Unique-Designed Oil jetting mechanism with internal pressure detection, tracking & compensation system to achieve high speed molding injection performance as well as stable molding injection process quality; equipped with second injection pressure holdup devices which allows high quality and high accurate final plastic products can be produced;

3.Equipped with 3-stage temperature control for injection speed, backpressure & stepless control screw rotation enables this molding injection machine can be used for various of engineering plastics production;

4.The special design of bottom-fixed & top-movable structure to provide perfect positioning & centering or plastic parts and configured with final product ejection mechanism;

5.Nitrided steel screw and material tube, high torque hydraulic & motor drive with multi-stage injection pressures; 

6.Sensor protection system to prevent wrong operation that to protect operators;

7.Injection holder is designed to move up and down as well as with automatic residue material cleaning device which allow an easy and flexible method to replace mould and raw materials;

8.Single sliding table design concept allows the low die perform external insertion process with highly safety while improvement of molding injection performance; The ejection performance is also designed to be finished externally;